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Mick’s Mondays in March #3 – 15/3/21

A great story to start the night with, the example of Ken & Flo who befriended a declared lesbian Rosaria Butterfield.  Her book ‘The Secret Thoughts of an unlikely convert’ tells the story.  I had to get a digital version....

March 22, 2021

March Mondays with Mick #2 - 8/3/21

Hi there Thanks for turning up to hear Mick again last week.  Even some new faces!  What seemed to get people talking was Mick's six 'work ons' for New Zealand churches:1.  Self feeding - praying and reading2.  Interpersonal relationships, don't take sides3.  Strangers and neighbours - who do we know?4.  Buildings - are we beige and bland?5.  Old people - weaponising their age6.  Sunday worship - controversial or predictable?  Ok, we can take each of ...

March 17, 2021

March Mondays with Mick - 1/3/21

Great to be underway with Mick on Monday night.  This has been in the planning stage for over six months.  And very pleased to have 23 people join in. "If you get the gospel wrong, you get everything wrong!" What a bold statement!  How would you explain that to someone? If you get the gospel wrong, you get discipleship wrong - discipleship, the following of Jesus.  Mick says he doesn't say he's a follower of Jesus now, because of Facebook.  People get the wrong idea. &nb...

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