Feilding Baptist Church

Te Haahi Iriiri o Aorangi


Mick's Mondays in March #4 - 28.3.21

When we think of our doing as a church, they could be put into six categories:




social action

a presence dimension

proclamation (evangelism)

Which do we think we’re good at?  Worst at?

And which is more important?

Evangelism helps people in life beyond this life – provides a quality of life after you die.  Therefore, evangelism is really important!

How can we do that better in Feilding?  

How can we be more confident with evangelism?

To be effective in public you must be effective in private – that is if you’re reading the Bible privately and praying privately, there will grow in you a fire in your belly that will spill over into your public life.

Make evangelism normal not a monster.  

Recapture disturbability (ie. stop making excuses).  

Respect all people.  

Recognise divine coincidences, God is working out there.


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