Feilding Baptist Church

Te Haahi Iriiri o Aorangi


March Mondays with Mick - 1/3/21

We're off!

Great to be underway with Mick on Monday night.  This has been in the planning stage for over six months.  And very pleased to have 23 people join in.

"If you get the gospel wrong, you get everything wrong!"

What a bold statement!  How would you explain that to someone?

If you get the gospel wrong, you get discipleship wrong - discipleship, the following of Jesus.  Mick says he doesn't say he's a follower of Jesus now, because of Facebook.  People get the wrong idea.  On Facebook you can follow someone for a while, rest from them for six weeks.  He prefers the term  disciple.  I'm a disciple of Jesus.

Mick mentioned the books we've been reading, this is them.  The McKnight one is a very easy and engaging read.  

Mick then talked about his story, how he came to faith.

And the realisation that it was about Jesus, about all for Jesus.  That the gospel isn't about us and what we get.  It's about Jesus becoming King.  King of our lives too.  For if discipleship is about what we get, then we are at the centre instead of Jesus.

He finished by asking if Jesus was our cheer leader, or our Commander in Chief?


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