Feilding Baptist Church

Te Haahi Iriiri o Aorangi


Mick’s Mondays in March #3 – 15/3/21

A great story to start the night with, the example of Ken & Flo who befriended a declared lesbian Rosaria Butterfield.  Her book ‘The Secret Thoughts of an unlikely convert’ tells the story.  I had to get a digital version.

Then we were reminded that Jesus’ parable of the Forgiving Father (Prodigal Son) is about the father running to save the son from the anger of the humiliated villagers.  And we were challenged, do we run towards others, to strangers, neighbours, those who live in shame?

Sometimes we don’t run because we:

  • fear the encounter
  • lack confidence 
  • fear confrontation

Can we do better than the monkey who helped the supposed drowning fish…?

Got to be effective listeners

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson - $21 on Book Depository

Joyce Huggett writes on conflict, revealing five different types of people:

  • Avoiders – these shut down and leave the room
  • Yielders – you’re so right, I’m wrong
  • Compromisers – always looking for win win, or lose lose
  • Resolvers – let’s fix this
  • Competitors – I’ve got to win this

Yet, in a variety of situations, like that of life and death, each of these has a place.  

Try to deflect shame, de-esculate.


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